What is RAWINT?



RAWINT is a platform that was created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Our main goal is optimising the world that surrounds us. We believe that even the simpliest software adjusted to right person can save time and money.

Its name was created from a couple of English words:



W – With


There’s also second way of interpreting it and it can be observed in our logo (RAW INT).

Input information that we receive, most often are poorly organised and could be described as RAW. However, with appropriate interpretation it is possible to unlock their full potential.

We treat each of our customers individually, thanks to that we are able to choose appropriate methods and comprehensively achieve common goal. We believe that information exchange and talk are crucial especially cause we have to adjust to current situation.


What do we use?


Our work is based on things we know. This is why we use both online and offline solutions.We specialize in OSINT and we know how to use it to make data analysis and data science more efficient.